It’s well and truly shopping time, so if you’re stuck for ideas, but hate the High street crowds, here are our 5 most wanted Xmas items from independent designers this December…

For Mothers, Sisters and Friends:

By Elise Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet from Valletta Autumn/Winter Collection – http://www.byelise.com


For Girlfriends, Daughters & Wives:

Ornella Iannuzzi Pendant cage “Rock It!” in 18k gold and opal sphere www.ornella-iannuzzi.com


For lovers:

If you’re looking for a sexy little something for a special lady in your life try Etsy’s recently relaunched Lingerie website. Etsy is home to indie crafters, the easy way to shop online and support the little guys. http://www.estylingerie.co.uk


For Mums:

There’s nothing like the feel of cashmere on a cold winters day, and by December you October purchases will have already started to bobble, so Xmas makes the perfect time for a winter wardrobe top-up. With prices starting from £89, Cocoa Cashmere offers timeless cashmere designs, with a modern twist.


For Him:

The launch of Apple’s iWatch has seen hipsters rebel against technological watches and return to wearing a more traditional watch. A watch makes a wonderful gift for both men and women. Try this one from Ice Watch.



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