BEAUTY: Ice Cream Shades

London is finally seeing a decent summer, the sun is shining on George Street and the flowers are out in Kensington Palace Gardens! There’s nothing better on a hot day than icecream and If there no vendor nearby play around with two tone nail art using┬áthese ice cream coloured shades George Street and Kensington Palace Gardens from Nails Inc! Shades: Nails Inc George Street & … Continue reading BEAUTY: Ice Cream Shades

BEAUTY: Nails Of The Week – Metallic

This week I decided to have a little fun with this Nails Inc. metallic silver “South Kensington” polish. It looks great in the bottle but I find the consistency isn’t fantastic. It requires a lot of coats to get it looking opaque and even then the brush strokes are quite visible with the reflective nature of metallic colours. It won’t be visiting South Kensington again … Continue reading BEAUTY: Nails Of The Week – Metallic