Fashion: Doutzen’s Sport Stories

With my recent move to Los Angeles, I’ve had a renewed interest (AKA a forced interest) in getting healthy and back into the Gym. LA is a very fit city generally and everyone seems to be constantly exercising. Personally, I hate the gym, so if I have to go I want to at least look somewhat good. I’ve been wearing these great workout leggings from … Continue reading Fashion: Doutzen’s Sport Stories

Fashion: Caro E Sportswear Collection

I was never really a fan of sportswear, probably because I was never really a fan of exercise, but as fitness becomes more necessary and more trendy than ever I’ve conceded that it might be worthwhile investing in something that looks and feels good in the gym. Caro E will be known within blogger circles as a fitness guru and all round babe. Her latest … Continue reading Fashion: Caro E Sportswear Collection