FASHION: I [Heart] Pop Ups

Macaroni Penguin Store Opening

It feels like I’ve spent a reasonable chunk of my year going to POP up stores, and this weekend there’s another two opening – for a limited time only. When I investigated POP up’s earlier in the year I found that New Zealanders, while slow to pick up the trend have embraced it wholeheartedly during the recession. It makes sense to use a temporary space to sell excess stock, cutting down rent costs and waste. Ive been to so many this year I can barely keep track, each individual and exciting. My favorites were Macaroni Penguin and Pinkies.

This weekend I’ll be at the Tiny Superstore, which is actually selling this season stock, American brands and will be up for a month. That’s all happening at 8a Melrose Street in Newmarket from Saturday.
 After the Tiny Superstore I’ll make my way to Parnell to see items made from the designs of my favorite wallpaper and fabric designer. The late eccentric and all round fabulous Florence Broadhurst. That POP up store will also be open from Saturday, until the 15th of December. Address is The Axis Building, 1 Cleveland Road, Suite 1.3-1.4 Parnell. Looking forward to my weekend of POPPING UP.
Macaroni PenguinVitamin Water, The Ever Present Sponsor

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