FASHION: Yuki & Miwa Press Day

Topshop concession favourite YUKI launched a new sister range Miwa By Yuki in London recently and celebrated with cupcakes and frozen Rocktails. The Miwa range is similar to Yuki’s chic simple style but with an edgier tone and asymmetric cuts which stand out on the high street given they are usually only seen in high-end designer stores.

I just love Vitamin Water and the cute little messages on the bottles, like this one on the Lemonade: “Your phone is also a telly. Your friends are also online goblins. Your dog is also a psychic. Multi tasking has gone mental. We’ve made it simpler with multi V: a selection of vitamins and minerals you need, wrapped up in a lemonade that’s as delicious as it is versatile. With our help you’ll finally master today’s bizarre and busy world. But Bonzo the physic dog already knew that didn’t he?”


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