THOUGHTS: Has Instagram Ruined My Fashion Blog?

It’s been a while since I was blogging regularly, and instead of blaming myself I point the finger at my smart phone. There are various things about my iPhone which stop me blogging, the first is that my WordPress App  doesn’t work, and my iPhone is now my main connection to the online world, my trusty laptop lies forgotten in a corner and is only occasionally dusted off to watch old TV series’ online on rainy days. 

The second reason is I’m addicted to Instagram.  I’ll admit it, I am an addict. This is my new medium for sharing my world, and not only have I migrated, but so too have my blog readers, with the exception of out-of-tune relatives (who shall remain nameless) everyone is on Instagram, and they want to see my art-wanky hipster pictures (unlike my Facebook friends).

However, living on the opposite side of the world to many of my friends and family I have come under some fire for my lack of posting, so here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to, and real blog posts will eventually follow.

photo photo1 photo2 photo4 photo3photo5 photo6

Street Art in Shoreditch London and Gothenburg Sweden, London Fashion Week makes us smile, As do heart shaped sweets in Sweden, Little Kiwi Songstress Lorde at Madame JoJo’s in London “before she was famous”, London Fashion Week September 2013

2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS: Has Instagram Ruined My Fashion Blog?

  1. [ Smiles ] Did you try deleting the WordPress App on your iPhone and downloading it again; a few of those WordPress Apps are a little troublesome.

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