FASHION: NZ Fashion Week: A View From The Other Side (Of The World)

I always feel nostalgic at this time of year, London has been my home for almost four years now, and while London Fashion Week is a great substitute, I will always miss New Zealand Fashion Week and the brands I grew up with.

Unfortunately I’m not there in person this year, but here’s a few highlights from my favorite images and news, as seen on some of my favorite blogs.

The multi-talented and gorgeous Aych  (my old NZFW partner in crime)of is always one of my favorite NZFW commentators, and I’ve been watching the Aych blog greedily for updates!  It was Aych’s Day 2 post  that drew my attention to newcomers Pardon My French who had a gorgeous Clueless style collection, but with a much more sophisticated take on the trend and quirky prints instead of standard tartan.

I’m also obsessed with this Lucy McIntosh Pink coat, one word: COVET! 

Aych also has some very interesting points about the ever over-the-top Trelise Cooper and her cultural styling blunder: Check that out HERE.

As well as the lovely Aych, I also stalk my ex-journo student comrade Sarah Murray’s Instagram for news and inspiration. Sarah Murray is the beauty editor for Fashion Quarterly and NEXT magazine so naturally she’s my ultimate go-to for fashion news and gossip. The following is pinched from her Instagram, she’s worth a follow!


Wish I Was There!


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