FASHION: Vintage Revival

I used to be a vintage lover, I could even have been considered obsessed, 100 vintage handbags and counting… But then the trend got to popular, the prices to expensive, and the offerings too curated. I hated that vintage dress hems were pre-cut by shops to make them into more fashionable mini dresses. I hated that the selection on show was chosen to reflect current trends , when previously vintage had offered a refreshing change from the items in mainstream shops. I began to hate vintage shopping. But recently I’ve dipped a toe back into the waters of vintage shopping. I’m avoiding the hipster hangouts of Brock Lane with their America Apparel feel and hoards of teens. Instead I’m going back to beautiful true vintage goods, found at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fairs.  Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair is renowned for one eye on genuine, investment vintage pieces from designers and true artists.  This October the very best traders will be selling top quality vintage and original pieces and I’ll be giving vintage a second chance.


Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair’s autumn fair takes place on Sunday 19th October 2014 from 11am until 5pm at The Old Finsbury Town Hall, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RP. Entry is £4 for public and £2 for students.

Image: 1940’s wool coats with faux fur trim Copyright: Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair

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