LFW: I Took A Picture Of Someone Dressed Like An Idiot

I took some pictures of this girl at LFW last year, her look caught my eye, and even though it’s not my style I admired her bravery. I was probably going to write a post about how great it is that people at Fashion Week have the confidence to pull off the wackiest of outfits and just totally work them. She was extremely keen to be photographed and posed up a storm, perhaps I should have guessed then that something was off….  A few days later I saw an article in Vice magazine called “I Dressed Like an Idiot at London Fashion Week to See How Easy It Is to Get Street Snapped” and guess who it was written by… yup, blondie was an undercover journo writing a story that took the piss out of all those people who had the confidence to pull off creative outfits, and I got duped! I guess it is easy to get street snapped!

So what do you think of her outfit? Comment below.

DSC00427_OOC-102 DSC00426_OOC-101 DSC00425_OOC-100 DSC00424_OOC-99 DSC00423_OOC-98

One thought on “LFW: I Took A Picture Of Someone Dressed Like An Idiot

  1. A cheap way to get some press, screw her. Her attitude is like those who say you can just get a can of paint and splash it on canvas and create some art. Well not really…

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