Beauty: New Year New Skincare


One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 has been to get a proper skincare routine going. Years of trying out new skincare products have lead to a ‘hodge podge’ skincare bag with multiple items from different brands. Having never stuck to one brand of skincare consistently I’m interested to see how my new Elemis range will work for my skin. dev_inst-3

I’ve always been recommended Elemis by a huge variety of people with completely different skin tones and requirements so I was delighted to receive this kit as a birthday gift.  My new routine from Elemis will include the Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Wash, Hand & Nail Care, Hydra Nourish Night Cream, Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser,  and White Brightening Even Tone Lotion. Being fair skinned I’ll also be looking to add in a SPF moisturiser for the daytime as well. Having recently returned from a citybreak in (very cold) Berlin my skin is currently extremely dry and chapped, so I’ll need to wait some time for my skin to get back to normal and judge how well my new routine is working and give an update and review. Hopefully this will be a New Year’s resolution I will be able to keep!

dev_inst-9 dev_inst-8 dev_inst-7 dev_inst-6 dev_inst-5 dev_inst-2 dev_inst

Photos by: Snap55

Products: Elemis

Jewellery: Carolina Dezman



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