Fashion: Summer Sandals


DSC01928DSC01927DSC01926DSC01925DSC01924I’ll confess I don’t really like beach wear. Yes, beach wear is associated with fun summer times, but for me, I don’t always find it very fun, because as someone with pale skin beach wear means lots of sunblock application, inevitable sunburn, and envy of the lots of pretty clothes meant to suit people with a tan. So after six years of living in London my beach wear game was pretty minimal. Arriving in LA I needed summer things fast, luckily I was gifted this gorgeous circle towel, which coincidentally doubles as a great picnic rug. I got these sandals as a quick buy from H&M just a few weeks ago but they aren’t online, here are some similar ones.

The Sandals are really not turning out to be a good buy, I guess you get what you pay for, as like usual, these were a good H&M price. They are completely flat and seem comfortable when you try them on, but after a short walk on the beach your legs pay the price for walking so flat footed. The suedette also picks up lots of dirt, so generally, I wouldn’t say these were a great purchase. I’ll be on the hunt for more late summer buys over the next few weeks.

Sandals: H&M

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