BEAUTY: Hair Inspiration From Petra K

I was having some fun in London the other day with a fellow blogger Priya from Portrait Of A Dreamer blog who took this photo, check out her blog to see the pictures I took of her!

I’m wearing my new favourite dress from Yuki Tokyo (full length pictures soon) and my Zara Coat, lipstick: Revlon Lipstain, Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel Mascara: Revlon and Thin Lizzy Bronzer brought all the way from New Zealand by my mum because I couldn’t get it here (they may have bad advertisements but they sure do good bronzer!)

I’ve styled my hair on another of my favourite bloggers Petra K, it seems weird to be copying the fashion sense of a 14-year-old but some kids just have great style. Tell me some of your favourite bloggers or suggest links in the comments section!

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