FASHION: Paolita Swimwear Playful Promises Kiss Me Deadly and Lucile Lingerie

With snow still fresh in my memory it was a warm change to see some swimwear and lingerie on show. My First show of London Fashion Week this year was the Paolita Swimwear, Playful Promises,  Kiss Me Deadly and Lucile Lingerie collections showcased with a Circus theme at Cirque du Soir complete with topless fire dancer Aurora Galore.

In typical Fashion Week…. Fashion….. this was probably the only show with a male attendance list over 10%, corporate sponsorship tickets tend to go to female employees, wives and girlfriends but a lingerie show  with G-Strings and Skimpy Knickers calls the men out of hiding.

The show was playful and broke the norm with a range of girls in all shapes and sizes who were having a bit of fun on the runway and enjoying themselves, a refreshing change! The Paolita Swimwear was my favourite as it really stood out as something different in the swimwear market, gorgeous use of miss-matching prints, crochet details and frills. The one pieces were particularly cute breaking the stereotype that Bikini’s have more fun!

I took home a lovely naughty goody bag with a fem fatale suspender belt and funky Playful Promises knickers with pockets –  (why is this not common place? I feel now all my knickers should have pockets!)

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I’ve branched out and tried a new medium so you can also  check out my Videos from this event on You Tube HERE.

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