BEAUTY: Chocolate Beauty With Cocoa Juvenate

Good news for chocolate addicts! Hotel Chocolat has  introduced a sweet beauty range, Cocoa Juvenate. Developed and perfected at the spa of the same name at the company’s Boucan Hotel & Restaurant on Saint Lucia, Cocoa Juvenate uses cocoa’s natural properties and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, with nourishing, softening and hydrating properties – I always knew chocolate was good for you! revive-escape-travel-gift

As we ladies know chocolate is good for stress relief and the Cocoa Juvenate range is no exception,using a new ingredient ‘NanoCacao’ that utilises the cocoa bean’s natural feel-good compound to help de-stress, relax and soothe the skin. Cocoa Juvenate is available in-store and online at

 Pictured:  Escape Travel Gift £15.00

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