BEAUTY: Beauty Angel, Sent From Heaven

20140223-230211.jpg I was lucky enough to visit the Cobella salon in Selfridges last month to try out the Beauty Angel treatment which is now available at both of Cobella’s London Locations.  The innovative Beauty Angel Energizing Light Technology (ELT) therapy is a relaxing therapy to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. The safe, non-invasive therapy uses no lasers, UV, injections or surgery to boost the production of collagen naturally.

The course of treatments suits people with scaring, eczema, hyper pigmentation and other skin conditions. I had a lovely mini facial before starting the treatment, which felt warm like being in a sunbed, (although the special light technology doesn’t use any UV rays so it’s not damaging like tanning). After just one treatment my skin looked refreshed and glowing.


Here are my “Before & After” pictures taken by the lovely Beauty Angel team!

Short-term, you  can expect to see soft, supple skin, increased hydration, a more glowing complexion and refined pores. Longer term, I’m told you can see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, age and pigment spots fade, and swelling around the eyes is reduced.


Beauty Angel on Twitter @BeautyAngelUK


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