FASHION: Brixton – Worth Heading South?

As a Shoreditch girl I’ve always been a strong advocate for East London design and fashion. But recently several suburbs south of the river have been giving Eat London a run for it’s money in the fashion stakes. One of these suburbs is Brixton, where locally based fashion designers Eley Kishimoto have unveiled a specially commissioned pavement graffiti, FLASH outside Brixton underground station, as part of the Brixton Design Week (13-21 September 2014).

The inaugural event, part of Design Week, aims to show why Brixton deserves to be a destination for those seeking out progressive design in London – and turn the opinions of doubtful hipster snobs like myself.

Eley Kishimoto took to the streets with a spray can, living up to the studio’s maxim “Print The World”. The international fashion and design house has partnered up with two local design companies, 2MZ and Studio db, along with the Transport for London commission to transform Brixton underground station’s entrance.


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