BEAUTY: Gareth Pugh To Judge ‘Runway Nails’

Fresh from Fashion Week it’s time for a weekend and week of Beauty, kicking off with Beauty Olympia on the 20th-22nd of September. I always find the show a bit overwhelming, so many people trying to paint eyebrows on you… That being said, I’m really excited for the Nailympia London competition ,  especially the Runway Nails category which will be judged by controversial fashion designer Gareth Pugh.

Nail technicians from around the globe compete in a variety of categories, ‘Runway Nails’ has been added this year to embrace the relationship between fashion and fingertip styling, which has been steadily growing over the past few show seasons at international fashion weeks. The category will be judged on the interpretation of a fashion brief, written by Pugh himself. Competitors will be required to create a design onto three long square tips in one hour.

Alex Fox, Nailympia London organiser says “It was a natural progression for us to look at adding more nail art categories and ones that also reflect a career path that has become an exciting element of this industry. Hence, Runway Nails was born for our 10th year – an exciting category where there are no rules other than interpreting a brief using any materials you wish to design the nails”.

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