FASHION: LFW Diary Day 4

Dear dairy… Day four at London Fashion Week, or “Mega Monday” as the media have dubbed it, was a mixed bag of events. With the giant Burberry show catching everyone’s attention I couldn’t help feel a little sorry for the other, completely overshadowed, designers. I headed back to Somerset House for the David Korma show which was very much to my tastes. The designer’s signature style was evident and the show built on shillouettes and ideas seen in previous seasons. Structured bodices were combined with full circle skirts in stiff futuristic fabrics. The collection was predominantly black with a flash of fabulous purple and electric blue to kick start the show. The evening was a very different state of affairs. I attended the Eco Luxe event, a group show featuring Eco friendly, ethical or aware brands from across the globe. Offerings from as far as New Zealand and Cambodia showcased everything from up-cycled outfits, bags made from cork and Raincoats made from broken umbrellas. The show was certainly food for thought and highlighted some good causes. But with so many designers the show timing dragged and with the hectic fashion week schedule we unfortunately couldn’t stay the entire length. I guess that why they call it slow fashion.





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