FASHION: LFW Diary Day 5

Dear diary… On day five of LFW AW14 I joined a cult. The cult of K-T-Z. Things had begun to wind down, and those of us who’d been wearing heels for 5 days straight were feeling a little fatigued. But it was a refreshing wake up call to see the ever interesting K-T-Z show. The crowd at the show were predominantly hardcore fans. The thing with fashion week is that usually fashion editors run from one show to the next, looking fashionable – but not wearing or supporting one brand predominantly more than any other. K-T-Zs “cult” had come pimped out in a array of looks from past seasons, and believe me it’s not a look for the shy or faint hearted. The best description I can come up with is MC Hammer in a fetish club (lots of harem trousers and gimp masks). Kanye West and RiRi are fans, but it’s one thing to see something in a music video and quite another to see it in Aldwych. Likewise, K-T-Z fans don’t behave like the rest of the fashion pack. Where fashion editors stand or sit quietly with sour faces K-T-Z fans opt for chanting and greet each other with elaborate secret handshakes. Not kidding. To be fair the crowd were more interesting than the show, and the designers must be thrilled. For undiluted catwalk creations to make it onto the street, and to more than a select super rich few, is quite an achievement for any brand. By comparison the AW14 show itself was subdued in colour palette, predominantly black and white with flashes of gold and silver. Signature oversized jewellery and hoods were still prevalent, as was intricate head work on small mirrored discs. I’ll join the cult to get my hands on some of this collection! .








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