BEAUTY: Chuan Spa At The Langham

Experience  an  oriental pampering experience – without the 12 hour flight and jet lag- at the Chuan Spa at London’s Langham Hotel. You may exit the tube into the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, but within minutes you’ll be transported into a state of bliss at this luxury day spa inspired by traditional Chinese wellbeing. 


Spa treatments are accompanied by the use of the spa’s facilities, including  aroma steam rooms, saunas, vitality pool and a salt sauna. Take a virtual tour here.

I tried the Chuan Harmony Signature Massage, which is designed to “stimulate meridian harmony” and combines therapeutic elements of acupressure with relaxing massage.

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The treatment begins by filling in a short survey about likes, dislikes, aches and pains and your current mood. Questions like whether you prefer sweet, spicy or sour, or mornings VS evenings  determine the distribution of chinese elements in your mind, body and soul.

The elements, Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth all have different attributes and your treatment will aim to balance these elements and restore any elements which are underrepresented.  I was found to be lacking in Water, closely followed by Metal and was given a choice of essential oil to spell to determine which treatment I would enjoy most.

 I chose Metal, which had a mandarin tinge, and my treatment was then based on the principles of the Metal element. This included a dish of grapes and blueberries and a green tea which complemented the Metal treatment. 

The Metal element relates to your lungs,large intestine, skin, hair and sense of smell and is connected to the colour white and the season of Autumn.  


Before starting the massage myself and the therapist completed a  breathing ritual for the Metal element, breathing deeply and chanting “shang” before I was transported into a state of complete tranquility. 




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